What does it mean to have a “perspective”?

Is “perspective” a uniquely human experience?

How does one’s perspective influence one’s place within humanity?

What does one’s perspective have to do with one’s sense of self?

What does creativity have to do with perspective?

What does creativity have to do with expanding one’s perspective?

What is the relationship between perspective, creativity, empathy, and social justice?

How can one shift one’s perspective to include the more-than-human world, and how is this related to environmental justice, and even social justice?

Do we think we are seeing the world as it is, or as we think it is?

Can we see our seeing, our perspective?

How fluid are perspectives?

What happens when different perspectives intersect?

How does intersubjectivity influence one’s perspective formation?

What questions do you have about perspective?

I see “perspective” as being a vital aspect of understanding one’s place in this world, one’s “standpoint” from which one engages the world from.

It is commonly understood that expanding one’s perspective past one’s own life can help one to experience more mental health integration. In other words, the more one can see past their own specific perspective the healthier one is when it comes to psychological wellbeing. It is also understood that anxiety and depression are positively correlated with the amount of “I, me, my, or mine” are used by an individual, whether verbally or internally. In other words, the more we are stuck within our own myopic perspective, the more we are apt to experience ill states of mental health.

We all have the ability to creatively visualize different things in our lives. Whether we know it or not, we all use creative visualization to do this being human thing. For example, without creative visualization – imagination – we would not be able to function in a world that requires us to be able to think forward in time. Do you ever make plans? Do you ever think about anything besides the present moment? Do you understand what is meant by the “first creation” that takes place in our minds? Do you ever worry? Yes, we all use our creative powers to co-create our lives.

Do you think that perspectives are formed on their own, or do you see an active process of creativity playing a vital role in one’s perspective formation?

When one actively uses creativity to intentionally expand one’s perspective and one’s sense of self, one can increase one’s empathic abilities. In other words, the more one exercises seeing past one’s self, the more one can relate to others’ life experience. We can increase our ability to be empathic, which will help us to understand others’ unique place in this world, others’ “standpoint.”

What are your thoughts on perspective and how it relates to one’s place within this world?

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