What’s your place?

You are invited to use this space to explore and express what your place is within this world? Please feel free to use the comment field to offer your thoughts, feelings, and reflections about what your place is within this world. Eric Peterson (original project developer) has shared his current standpoint within this world, and you can read his standpoint narrative by clicking on the Where is Eric Peterson? menu, or by using this direct link.

Through a narrative form, Eric has tried to share what he sees as his standpoint being, how he sees his standpoint developing. Eric has also shared different mediums of expression to bring further depth to help with meeting the challenges of accurately communicating his standpoint, identities, intersubjectivity (how his identities intersects with others), his experience with diversity and pluralism, his experience with power, privilege, and oppression, as well as his experience with alliances, and all of this being mindfully done through the complexities of his place within this extremely complex world.

Eric has offered options for you to explore as much or as little as you wish with respect to his place within this world. The different mediums of expression that were noted above can be found in the menu bar or by using these direct links: Eric’s Story, Eric’s Genealogy, Eric’s Musings and Writings, Eric’s Epistemological Place, Eric’s Poetry, and Eric’s Rewilding Practice. Eric has tried to walk the fine line of being truly vulnerable in order to be truly understood, but at the same time honor the comfort of others’ who he is intimately involved with in his life. In other words, we all have different comfort levels with the boundaries between our private and public lives.

What’s your place?

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