This Body Moves Through Me

This body moves through me.
I see him from above and below
from side to side
from front and back
from everywhere.
This body moves through me.
I feel his feet upon me.
I feel his cold skin as I blow.
My light rays bring warmth to his face
and a smile in his heart.
I hear his breathing
and his gratitude.
This body moves through me.
Sometimes he even stops
and drinks in my beauty.
Sometimes he even reaches out
to touch me.
He feels my rough bark
and thanks me for the clean air to breath.
He strokes my fine needles
and then smells my rich forest scent.
This body moves through me.
His little mind
thinks he is separate from me.
His little mind
gets in his way of knowing he and I are the same.
Once in awhile he knows we are one
but he listens to this little mind
and forgets who he really is.
This body moves through me.
Who am I?
I am the dirt
and the forest that grows from me.
I am the snow
that keeps me warm in the winter while I rest.
I am the water
that the snow melts into.
I am the ocean
where all rivers meet.
I am the clouds
that bring the snow and rain.
I am the sun
that makes it all go around.
I am this earth
and your body moves through me.
I am this universe
and you and I are the same.


Sitting With The Madrone

Noticing cycles of death-birth
over and over again.
Trees growing out of dead old trees.
Living together with each other’s death and life.
Death-birth over and over again.
Forest smells come to me
and I to them.
The peeling multi colored bark of the madrone
looks like a tattered old book
or a fancy dress or shirt.
So unkept
but so perfect.
Nothing in place
but nothing out of place.
Its fragile to my touch
but doesn’t seem to mind
the loss of some worn out bark.
Are those mountain lion claw marks I see?
Oh my!
I snap off dead little branches
that are in my way
but it appears to be okay
because they stopped serving
long ago
and now can return to the dirt
where they came from.
So many dead trees laying down.
I wonder when this one will return to the dirt?
I hope not soon.
I hope it can continue to
reach for the sun.
I hope it can continue to
drink from the creek.
I hope it can continue to
grow with the other trees.
I hope it can continue to
support the hungry mountain lion.
I hope it can continue to
wear its fancy dress shirt.
I hope I can continue to
read from its book.


I Must Go To The Mountains

I go to the mountains to find my Self.
I go to the peaks to loose my self.
The mountains call my Soul
and I am compelled to listen.
I have to follow their Call.
This is a Return trip
a return to what Is
returning to Being.
There is no option.
There is no choice.
I must go
to the mountains.



The Dominator

I Am The Dominator

I Am SO Hungry For Power!

I Must Have Control

I Live in the State of Certainty

I Live a Story of the Myth of Strength

I Am The Dominator

I Have Power-Over you

I Have Power-Over her

I Have Power-Over all

I Am SO Hungry for Power!

I Am The Dominator

you are My Slave

This Native Land I Will Take

you Complete My Destine

God Gave Me your Rights

you Gave Me your Power

Because we Share a Story

I am The Dominator

I am Above all

you all Are Below Me

God Made Me as Him

But I Do Not Need God

you Gave Me your Power

Because we Share a Story

I am The Dominator

Nature is Mine

Nature is Stuff

Nature is Dead

Nature is Soulless

I am The Dominator

Who gives me this power?

My fear gives me this power

My insecurity makes me so hungry

My disconnection places me above all

My restricted heart cannot feel your pain

How did this happen?

The Spell of Modernity has Blinded Me to…

my humanity

my compassion

my belonging

the illusion i live

i am the dominator

i have no future

i feel so alone

i am so small

i am so tired.

how did i get here?


The Partner

I Am Your Partner ~ And You Are Mine

I Stand With You ~ And You With Me

We Are Connected ~ And Indivisible

We Need Each Other ~ And Are Less Without

Our ‘And’ Is Vital ~ And We Cannot Forget

Our Future Is Shared ~ And Have None Without Our ‘And’

You Complete My Humanity ~ And We Are One In Partnership

You Are Sacred To Me ~ And I Will Not Forget

We Are All Partners ~ And We Must Go On Together

Nature Is Partnership ~ And You ‘And’ I Are Nature


Community is a Home; Home is a Community

I’ve been Homeless for so long

So long I did not believe

Home Existed

You changed that

We changed that

This Community Transformed that

This Community is a Home

This Home is a Community

The Door to this Home

Reads Vulnerability

To Be Home

One must stay Vulnerable

To stay Vulnerable

One must feel at Home

Trust is the Seat of this Home

This Trust sprouted and grew

Out of your Radical Acceptance

Your Radical Acceptance was a seed

The Community planted within me

This Home is a Garden of Love

This Garden is Tended with Hospitality

Your Love is the Light that

Feeds me

that Feeds us

that Feeds this Community and

Transforms it into a Home

Thank you; you are welcome.


A Love Poem from my Inner Hafiz

I’m losing my self

within our love

I’m finding my Self

within our challenge

You are the key

that unlocks

my chest of Gold

You are the messenger

that sings

who I am

You are the universe

and I see

my Self within

your spaciousness

You are Love’s drink

and I am so drunk

with you

When I kiss you

I feel God’s lips

caress mine

When I hold you

I feel my self

entering eternity

when you leave me

I feel a longing

that does not

leave me

When I feel your


I feel at Home

no matter

where I am

This us

This you and me

is an arrangement

that only the universe


All I know is that

I want to stay

drunk with your love

and bask in the light

from your chest of Gold



You are my friend.

What does this mean?

I like the way you are.

What does this mean?

I enjoy the times we have shared.

I enjoy the way I feel when we are together.

I enjoy the way that you walk this path of life.

What does all this mean?

You are my friend.

I trust you will be there when I need.

I trust you will know what I need.

I trust you will give what I need.

I trust you are my friend indeed.

You can trust I will be there when you need.

You can trust I will know what you need.

You can trust I will give you what you need.

You can trust I am your friend indeed.

It is the space between us that makes us friends.

This space is the ship where we ride and share who we are.

The best of friends merge into that space, the ship is full.

There is no real separation between best of friends; the being is one.

The fullness of the ship of friends does not empty with time or space.

However, the ship of friends can be abandoned.

There is great pain when one abandons the ship.

No matter what the reason may be, abandoning the ship of friends is painful indeed.

Just as one can jump from the ship, one can climb back aboard.

The ship of true friends is always open to receive the swimmer of life.

You are my friend, and I am yours.

We ride this ship together, because the view is so much better when shared together.

When the seas get rough

And our ship is tossed

It is our friendship that will steady our feet.

In this sea of life

The waters can be smooth and pleasurable

Or they can be rough and horrific.

The ship named Individual does well in the smooth water

But does not stand a chance in the challenges of the rough.

Only the ship named Friendship can weather the storms of life.

Not only that but the smooth ride is so much more pleasurable

When shared on the Friendship.

The Ancestor’s Voices

Scandinavian Bones

These bones are Scandinavian

but what does that mean?

Being stoic

Eating lefse and lutefisk

Having blonde hair, blue eyes, and fair skin

Loving the snowy mountains and raging rivers

Being called to the sea

These bones are Scandinavian

but what does that mean?

Where is the flesh of culture

to cover these bones?

Where is the flesh of tradition

to give life to these bones?

Where is the flesh of meaning

to connect to the Motherland?

How did these Scandinavian bones

get to this foreign land?

These bones long for

their ancestral flesh

their place of deep meaning

their place of pagan origin

their place of animalness

These bones long for

their northern wildness

their ancient sea voyages

their 4,000 year old ski treks

their place to rest in peace

These bones are Scandinavian

but what does that really mean?

How did they get here

and when can they

go Home?

Ways of Seeing

Who am I?

I am with you always
From your very first breath
I have been there for you
But you deny me
You foolishly run from me
Thinking I will not find you
But I am always with you
Sometimes you feel my
Cold breath
On the back of your neck
But you are too afraid to turn
And look into my dark
Black eyes
If you would only
Sit with me
For even a moment
You would realize
There is no-thing
To fear
If you could only
Find the courage
To look deeply
Into my darkness
You would find
Your infinite Self
You would find
The Light that
You are
Who am I?
I am Death
I am the
Ultimate Liberator
If you make
Peace with me
You will truly
But if you
Continue to run
In fear
You will truly


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