Using a systems perspective, one can view all of our contemporary human problems as being the outcome of a crisis in misperception and wrong-relationship. In other words, collectively, we are misperceiving who we are individually and collectively, and this fundamental misperception leads us to potentially conflicted ways of relating to ourselves, each other, and the Earth. Through this lens of misperception and wrong-relationship, one can see how issues of social justice are not separate from issues of environmental justice. Rather, all of our issues of injustice are rooted in this systemic misperception and wrong-relationship.

The mission of this project is to further the collective understandings surrounding the complexities of social/environmental justice issues within an increasingly interconnected and pluralistic world. This project starts at the premise that before one can truly understand issues of injustice, one must have a grounding in the most current understandings with respect to diversity in biology, culture, identity, race, gender, sexuality, body, voice, values, beliefs, attitudes, perspectives, thinking, history, and on and on and on. To more accurately understand issues of injustice, one needs to start at a place where “diversity” is seen as a necessity in life, and not something to tolerate within some “political correctness” frame of reference. Life on Earth evolves through a complexity of interconnected relationships that embody why diversity is important for surviving and thriving in this life. When one understands how vital diversity truly is to all life on Earth and not just within human constructs, one starts to understand why diversity should be embraced and nurtured to flourish.

What’s your place? is dedicated to helping further the understanding that within the infinite sea of human diversity there is no “one standpoint” or position on life; within the vast sea of human diversity there is an infinite potential for different standpoints from which an individual experiences being human; within the vast sea of human diversity there is an infinite potential for different voices from these unique locations within humanity, and the voices that come from the margins and boundaries of our societies are the voices that need to be heard and deeply listened to the most. What’s your place? is dedicated to helping disseminate information that will help others find the needed spaciousness to be able to listen to the voices from all standpoints.

What’s your place? is designed to be a community place of shared inquiry into how better understanding the complexities of standpoints – one’s place in this world – can help us all be a part of the co-creation of a better future for all people and all life on Earth. You are encouraged to share your thoughts and feelings about your standpoint, about your place in this world.

The goal of What’s your place? is to create an informative and interactive space that is accessible to the wide diversity of learners, teachers, and critics that humanity is rich with. To reach this goal, What’s your place? sincerely attempts to honor the complexities of this topic and simultaneously keep the information as jargon free as possible. If you have suggestions as how this goal of “accessibility” can be improved, please offer up your ideas.┬áThis is a living project, and it is far from “complete.” This project seeks your feedback and invites you to participate through comments, questions, and scholarly contributions.

Thank you!

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